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General FAQ

The vector type or operator class is not found

In most cases, this is due to a missing schema search path or a lack of permissions.

Please go through this checklist:

  1. Run \dx with psql or SELECT * FROM pg_extension; and check if the extension exists.
postgres=# \dx
                                                    List of installed extensions
  Name   |    Version    |   Schema   |                                         Description                                          
 vectors | 0.3.0         | vectors    | vectors: Vector database plugin for Postgres, written in Rust, specifically designed for LLM

If not, install it with CREATE EXTENSION vectors;

  1. Run SHOW search_path; and check if it contains vectors.
postgres=# SHOW search_path;
 "$user", public, vectors

If not, set it with SET search_path="$user", public, vectors;

  1. If is installed by another superuser

Run \dn with psql or SELECT nspname FROM pg_catalog.pg_namespace; and check if the schema vectors exists.

postgres=# SELECT current_user;

postgres=# \dn
       List of schemas
  Name   |       Owner       
 public  | pg_database_owner
 vectors | postgres

If not, log in as the superuser and grant schema permissions to current_user:

GRANT ALL ON SCHEMA vectors to tensorchord;